Let’s face it. Hurricanes are a normal part of life in the Atlantic come summertime and into the fall. Soon weather updates will be on constant hurricane watch, a gathering of weather will be cause for concern, and we’ll all need to start wondering how we can best prepare.

Obviously what’s most important during this time is people. Are friends and family okay? Am I doing enough to help my fellow person? Once that’s finished though it’s time to start looking towards foundation. Am I prepared for a potential hurricane? Can I handle potentially multiple strikes in the same season?

These are questions anyone that lives in a hurricane potential area thinks about and it’s one that those of us at Steels Beams Columns are quite familiar with. Being based in Miami, Florida we have plenty of experience with Hurricane season and that experience has led to us being more prepared than the average development company. We know what to expect and how sturdy our products need to be.

This is why when reports began to surface that we’re going to have a more active hurricane season than average in 2020 we knew we were prepared. According to Colorado State University in a report from USA Today, there are predicted to be eight hurricanes. six is the typical average, but any Floridan knows that it can far exceed that number. It’s important to always be prepared.

How can we help you prepare?

Here at Steels Beams Columns we pride ourselves in being prepared for hurricanes and creating material that we feel is sturdy enough to handle even the toughest seasons. We’ve been through tough storms before such as Hurricane Irma back in 2017 and we made it through them. With a 69 percent chance of a major hurricane striking the U.S. coastline this year we know that we can handle any heading our way this time around as well.

We know that not everyone is going to be as prepared, but we can help you build a foundation that we know is going to be prepared for hurricane force winds come the season. If you’re getting ready to start a project it’s perfectly understandable to be concerned about everything surviving through the storms, but that’s where we’re at our best.

Our steel is made for you specifically and we care about your project like it was our own, because it is. That’s our hard work standing there trying to survive the storm. We pour our blood sweat and tears into that material and we want to make sure it survives no matter what mother nature has in store for us.

We’ve been through this before

Established in 2010 this isn’t going to be our first stormy season. We’ve had a decade to put our materials to the test against not only hurricane force conditions but daily use. We make sure our material is the strongest it can possibly be while also being installed the correct way. So when Hurricane Irma showed up in 2017 we were prepared. When future hurricanes show up we are prepared. When you put our material through strenuous daily tasks, no matter the job, we are prepared.

This isn’t something that we take lightly. We walk into a project, carefully analyze how everything should be installed, and then do it correctly. Every time. This includes the environment around our installations. The reason we know we can survive strong storms is because we have always done everything the correct way. There is no need to be concerned when everything is already performed correctly.

We’ll get through this together

We understand how scary it can be to start an installation project during a time of the year where it seems like the exact opposite thing you should be doing, but hopefully those of us at Steels Beams Columns have convinced you this isn’t just any company. We lay the proper groundwork down to keep everyone confident that projects will come out to be a success.

No matter how powerful the storm you can be confident that Steel Beams Columns will stand through them all and get us through the other side.