Skyscrapers are known as buildings that stand tall and proud in cities. There isn’t an exact height to say how tall a building should be before it’s considered a “skyscraper.” Anything that makes you tilt your head back up to see the full structure could be a skyscraper. Usually, in cities, you cannot see the top of the building. They typically are framed by steel construction. Steel helps to allow them to be built taller than typical concrete because it can hold more. Without steel, skyscrapers wouldn’t be how they are today.

So, Why Use Steel?

Steel can be a very powerful material. Using steel helps buildings maintain their structure through strong winds, storms, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. Its durability and low cost can be why most people prefer to use steel for their structures, and why they are used for skyscrapers.

How is Steel Made?

The making of steel could be a tricky process for anyone unfamiliar with it. First, typically iron ore is gathered from deep in the ground. The iron is then taken to blast furnaces. Here, any impurities are removed and carbon is added into the mix. This leaves the pure, clean, and strong material that we’ve relied on for anything from homes to skyscrapers!

Why is This Important?

You may not live in a skyscraper or go to work in a skyscraper. In fact, there may not be any skyscrapers in your town at all. So, why is this information important? Well, skyscrapers prove that steel can help hold and provide durability for tall and large buildings. Steel is also used in other construction projects, too, such as bridges, buildings, and automobiles. It could be what’s being used to keep your house or workplace structure durable and safe. If not, you should consider some steel options due to their benefits.

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