Florida is well-known for being affected by hurricanes, and 2020 is shaping up to be an incredibly active year for big storms. But no matter how this season goes, there will always be more active hurricane seasons that threaten the foundation of buildings, homes, and our community. Luckily, steel has long proven to be highly resistant to hurricane winds and will stand strong even in the face of some of the strongest storms. At Steel Beams and Columns, our structural steel will keep your projects and buildings safe during hurricane season, ensuring you experience minimal loss of work or investment. We are well known for handling the design, fabrication, erection, and installation of structural steel solutions.

Why Steel Stands up to Hurricanes

  • Won’t bend or break in the winds
  • Resistant to salt corrosion
  • Rust-resistant
  • Maintains structural integrity for years

The Material of Choice When Building in Florida

If you are looking to construct a new building in Florida, you will have to deal with a hurricane threat at some point. When this occurs, why not focus on the windows and interior of your building rather than worry about its structural skeleton? By choosing steel from Steel Beams and Columns, you are giving your new construction the best bones it can have. When other constructions will crumble under winds, water, and debris, a steel constructed building will still be there.

Engineered For Success

At Steel Beams and Columns, we don’t just create the most effective material for withstanding hurricanes, we also fabricate our material for improved resistance on all aspects of your buildings. Many of our constructions help reinforce critical areas of a building, like the roof or the connections of walls. This can help keep all parts of a building standing during storms and provide your building with the best support.

Our team works closely with your own to come up with a detailed plan before fabrication and construction even begins. This allows us to cater to your needs and help you predict problems before they become an issue. Following hurricane Irma in 2017, many builders and business owners want to ensure the safety of their company, employees, and investment, so steel has become more popular than ever. When planning for your construction, we will go over your needs and offer advice to help ensure your building will stand up even to the toughest of storms.

Our Services That Will Help Your Building Stand Strong

Certified for Safety

Steel Beams and Columns is certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction and Miami-Dade County. We’re also AISC, CASF, ACG and ABC Certified to help protect you. And no company would be complete without being OSHA-10 Certified, which guarantees our employee safety and leaves our clients without any problems.

Choose Steel the Next Time You Want to Stand up to Hurricanes!

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