Steel Reinforcements

What Are Steel Reinforcements?

Reinforcing a construction with steel consists of planting steel bars into concrete. These steel bars, often referred to as rebars, reinforces the concrete so that the construction as a hold grows far stronger than utilizing simple concrete.

Reasons to Invest in Steel Reinforcements

When the surface of steel bonds with concrete, the result is incredibly resilient. Together, the strength and tension of steel can help resist force while the properties of concrete may manage compressive forces. Here are several reasons why you should invest in steel reinforcements for your commercial or industrial building:

  • Temperature Flexible: Steel and concrete work well together when exposed to temperature changes, as their thermal expansion coefficients are very similar. This means that, when the construction undergoes varying temperatures, the steel is able to support the concrete and help keep incurred stress to a minimum.
  • Increased Strength: Concrete by itself is not very strong. In fact, its tension can be considered weak even though its compression is not. By reinforcing concrete with steel, which is strong, durable, and storm resistant, you may increase the overall strength of the construction being reinforced.
  • Concrete Lifespan: Steel’s tensile property of strong tension and compression can help prevent or minimize any cracks that form in the concrete when put under pressure, which may effectively increase the lifespan of the concrete itself.

Overall, a concrete construction reinforced by steel may increase its strength, resilience, and potentially even the overall lifespan of the construction’s concrete. This is ideal for Florida buildings, as it can help combat the effects of bad weather and sudden shifts temperatures.

Steel Reinforcement Benefits

But why steel specifically? There are more benefits to using steel than just its strength. Combining concrete and steel have multiple advantages unique only to their specific bond:

  • Compatibility: A perfect match, steel works exceptionally well when paired with concrete because of their individual properties. With fresh concrete in the mold, the steel reinforcements need only be placed in the proper positions. As steel reinforcements won’t float in concrete, they do not need to be tied.
  • Bendable: Once manufactured into a standard size, steel reinforcement bars have a malleable quality that allows them to be bent. This is ideal for projects that have required specifications.
  • Durability: With steel reinforcements naturally robust, they can withstand rigorous construction activity on top of help the concrete resist forces that would otherwise result in potentially debilitating cracks.
  • Recyclable: On top of its benefits to the construction itself, steel is a great option for building owners looking to keep their construction ecologically responsible. Leftover reinforced steel from a structure that has reached the end of its service life can be recycled for new construction projects.

Types of Steel Reinforcement

There are four main types of steel used when reinforcing concrete structures. Each is manufactured in a different way and fills different roles during the construction process:

  • Mild Steel Bars: Boasting a plain surface, these steel bars are intended for smaller, more economical projects. They are not quite as strong as steel bars that have been hot rolled.
  • Prestressed Steel Bars: Used in the shape of multiple strands, usually 2 to 7, prestressed steel bars work in concrete for prestressing reasons. This type of steel bar is extremely strong.
  • Cold Worked: These types of steel bars are manufactured by hot rolling steel bars and processing them through cold working. The process involves twisting and drawing the steel bars at room temperature. Cold Worked Steel Bars have less ductility.
  • Hot Rolled Steel Bars: Used mostly for R.C.C structures, hot rolled steel bars leave specific deformations upon the surface that help it bond with concrete. These types of steel bars are quite strong.

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