Steel Curtain Wall Frame Systems

Steel Curtain Wall Frame Systems

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It’s obvious we provide structural columns and beams. We also design, fabricate, erect and install joists, supports, decks, embeds, louvers and more. As custom fabricators we make and install machine parts, steel curtain wall frames, and interesting shaped plates and supports. We service all types of large commercial projects, and work with new buildings as well as reinforcing existing ones. Go ahead and browse our extensive range of structural steel services .

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Steel Curtain Wall Frame Systems


Here in Miami, none of us are strangers to the wrath that hurricane season provides us. That is why proper protection for your building or home is crucial. With Florida’s unpredictable and often unforgiving hurricane season, it’s no small wonder that steel curtain wall frame systems are one of the most popular window solutions in the state. A steel curtain wall frame system provides an extra degree of protection against harsh weather conditions, including high-pressure winds and falling debris. They also prevent outside moisture from these conditions from seeping into your building’s structure, thus preventing mold that could bring severe damage.

For many years, SBC has been doing our part to protect property from dangerous weather by fabricating and installing solid steel frames on all types of structures. From commercial storefronts to high-rise residences, there’s nothing that we can’t protect.

Our Process

When we design, fabricate, and install steel curtain systems for Florida properties, it’s an incredibly specialized process. Our team takes the time to establish a clear picture of a property’s strengths and vulnerabilities before designing a custom solution. We take everything into account, from water infiltration to wind and seismic forces, in order to provide your structure with the most comprehensive protection possible.

Built for more than just protection, all of our custom steel curtain wall systems are also aesthetically pleasing and tailored to your building’s shape and design. We always consider a building’s design and learn about each client’s tastes before we commit to a steel curtain system. Whether you wish to secure a single storefront or a multi-story building, we will find a solution that complements and secures your structure.

Specialized Fabricated Steel Wall Systems

The steel engineers at SBC have fabricated steel curtain wall systems for a wide variety of properties. Our results must exceed our professional standards as well as our client’s expectations—if they don’t, we don’t stop working until they do. We emphasize clear communication with our customers from the very beginning to make sure that no need or want goes unaddressed in the final build. This also helps us stick to time and budget constraints.

The Steel Beams Columns Difference

Do not be fooled by our competitors promising the highest quality steel curtain wall systems. Here at Steel Beams Columns, we not only promise the best systems in town, but also the best for you and your home. We tailor each and every system to the building we are working on so that the best protection is given. Our diverse line of thermally broken profiles for steel-frame facades, curtain walls, sloped glazing, large rooflights, and integrated window and door systems offer unprecedented design freedom combined with the superior strength of steel.

Not only that, our team of designers can develop steel curtain walls and sloped glazing with minimal sightlines and choose from numerous capping profiles, all while employing steel’s durability and structural support. 

Our Commitment to You

While we customize every service to meet the needs of each unique project, our commitment to quality construction and full-spectrum customer service remains the same. Each project is a collaborative process—we place the utmost emphasis on internal and external communication throughout every phase. We want to make sure that all of our products are up to your standards.

We love steel and we want nothing more than to help you understand our absolute love for it. Our team will accomplish that by giving you the best possible product we can give. After you’ve finished working with us you’ll understand what it is that makes us so steel crazy. When you use steel you’re not just committing to a project you’re committing to something that is going to stick around. The durability of steel is proof of you being willing to commit to a project and we want to help with that.

Steel Curtain Wall Frame Systems with Steel Beams Columns

If you require steel curtain wall frame system services in Florida, contact our team of steel experts at 305-504-9892 or use our contact page to receive a free quote. To learn more about our additional steel capabilities, visit our other service pages below. While we are experts in steel, we are also experts at the process of making sure that steel is implemented properly and effectively. Ask us for more details on how we can implement steel into your building in the most efficient way possible.

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