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It’s obvious we provide structural columns and beams. We also design, fabricate, erect and install joists, supports, decks, embeds, louvers and more. As custom fabricators we make and install machine parts, steel curtain wall frames, and interesting shaped plates and supports. We service all types of large commercial projects, and work with new buildings as well as reinforcing existing ones. Go ahead and browse our extensive range of structural steel services .

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Much like columns and beams, steel decking and joists work together to provide a safe and long-wearing load management system. Proper installation is critical, especially when you’re considering things like an HVAC system inside a large warehouse or retail center. When you have a professional engineer oversee the build, you ensure that the final product is sound enough to stand up to your demands. At SBC, our experts combine decades of experience to select the right materials and design strategy that will guarantee the most robust load-bearing steel beam deck construction.

While our expert team completes every service to the highest professional standards, we always ensure that our results (as wells as our processes) exceed the expectations of each client.

Steel Beam Deck Construction

Our building process is always a collaborative effort between our team and the client. From our first day on the job to the last, we emphasize constant communication—a mutual agreement backs every decision we make. This collaborative process helps us to ensure quality, stick to timetables, stay on budget, and address every little specification.

No Florida steel beam deck construction service is ever complete without the project first surpassing the highest professional standards that we set for our work. Our expert steel engineers have decades of experience with completing a wide range of construction projects, and that experience will translate directly into steel decking that exceeds every expectation you might set for yourself. From large commercial builds, private residences, and restaurants to massive industrial centers, our team has the necessary techniques to complete each project the right way, the very first time. This diverse background gives us the opportunity to showcase our skills in every way imaginable, and we’re excited to apply our expertise and passion to your project.

Benefits of Steel Deck Framing and Joists

Steel joists have consistently been prevalent for an assortment of reasons. These incorporate high strength and endless adaptability, low building costs, extraordinary solidarity-to-weight proportions, and simplicity of erecting in about any climate.

There is vast adaptability in the plan of a steel joist building in light of the fact that every joist is exceptionally created to the designer’s specifications. A variable number of profundities, ranges, and burden conveying limits can be exclusively indicated and created at the industrial facility keeping away from costly on-location work.

Not only that, but a high solidarity-to-weight proportion combined with a low value per pound of steel joists contributes altogether to bring down building costs. An extra economy coming from joists’ lightweight is that basic backings, for example, pillars, beams, columns, and establishments can be lighter by and large. This further diminishes material expenses because the cost of the materials needed to create the joists themselves are low-cost.

An ever-increasing number of engineers are gauging the advantages of steel deck framing and steel joist development. One explanation is the astonishing solidarity-to-weight proportion of steel joists. What’s more, steel can perform in both pressures, not at all like concrete which must be steel strengthened to oppose ductile powers. With their high solidarity-to-weight proportion, steel joists can bolster more noteworthy burdens. Steel itself is a magnificently flexible material.

Erecting steel deck framing is quicker than concrete. You don’t have the costly work costs for setting custom-fitting structures and setting up fortifying bars at the place of work. You can work with steel in any climate, whereas concrete pouring is constrained underneath 40° F. However, it sometimes isn’t suggested when the temperature surpasses 90° F.

Why Use Steel?

We have mentioned the benefits of steel joists and steel beam deck construction, what it is that makes them special, and how we implement them into our installation process, but we haven’t gone into why it is that we use steel specifically for our joists and steel deck framing.

The truth is that the benefits of steel beam deck construction far outweigh the benefits of any other kind of material that could be used for these kinds of products. Steel is sturdy, long-lasting, can take a beating, and is a green metal that is helpful for the environment. The truth is, steel is the best material for projects like joists and decks. Need more convincing? Here’s a rundown of why exactly steel can perform better than any other material for your deck:

  • The strength of steel  
    • Steel is an insanely strong alloy that is used in much of our daily life. The roads you drive on every day? Supported by steel. The cars you use to transport yourself back and forth every day? Supported mainly by steel. Skyscrapers? Supported by steel beams. So of course when seeking out the right material for something like joists and steel beam deck construction, products that in many cases will need to hold thousands of pounds of weight at once, there is no question that steel is the best material for the job. It already does so much elsewhere and as a result, we try to use it whenever it will work best for the project in front of us.
  • Steel is durable
    • One of the incredible benefits of steel is how long-lasting it is. Steel, when properly implemented, can last decades with very little issues. It can sometimes outlast the building itself and then, when it has finally been used to its fullest capacity, steel is recycled back into more steel to be used again. That kind of long-lasting versatility is what makes it our material of choice for projects like steel decking and joists. You and your deck need a material that is going to stand the test of time and no other material stands the test of time quite like steel.
  • Steel is green
    • In a world that is growing increasingly green in every aspect, you need to look towards more green solutions. There are going to be people that want to make sure that what they are doing can be seen as a positive towards being more green-focused. By using steel you can already be a part of that because everything that goes into steel is incredibly well optimized. Steel is put into the world, used until it can’t be used anymore, and is then repurposed into more steel. It is one of the greenest building materials out there.

Cost-Effectiveness of Steel

Steel is a cost-effective material for everyone. When you consider its long-lasting nature and how it rarely, if ever, needs to be replaced it becomes one of the best materials to get the most out of what you pay for. Other materials will need to be replaced, maintained, and repaired. While steel will almost always last the test of the time ensuring you do not have to worry about it again after it has been installed.

At Steel Beams Columns we have decades of experience working with partners and clients to make sure that they are getting the best service possible for their efforts. Our steel joist and steel beam deck construction services are the best you will find and our work speaks for itself as proof.

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For further information about our steel deck framing and joists services in Florida, please contact our team at (866) 25STEEL for a free project quote. To learn more about other steel fabrication services, visit their pages below. 

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