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It’s obvious we provide structural columns and beams. We also design, fabricate, erect and install joists, supports, decks, embeds, louvers and more. As custom fabricators we make and install machine parts, steel curtain wall frames, and interesting shaped plates and supports. We service all types of large commercial projects, and work with new buildings as well as reinforcing existing ones. Go ahead and browse our extensive range of structural steel services .

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Help Your Buildings Withstand Anything Thrown at Them


Steel Embeds Hold Your Structure in Place

It’s no secret that living in Florida means having to adjust to life with hurricanes every year. While large hurricanes are few and far between, when they do happen, building and construction owners around the state begin to worry. But those who have worked with Steel Beams and Columns have nothing to fear! Our steel fabrication company installs steel embeds into concrete to help hold buildings and structures in place. Even the mightiest of hurricanes will have a tough time with customers who choose to work with Steel Beams and Columns!

What is a Steel Embed?

Steel embeds and steel embed plates are a vital component in construction. They essentially connect steel to concrete in an incredibly strong hold. Then, additional steel is able to be built upon the exposed embed plate that is held in place with the concrete. Steel embeds are essential in construction and can be custom made to your specifications. 

The steel embed is composed of a steel plate and steel lugs that are welded together. Then, concrete is poured around the steel lugs and as it hardens, the concrete seals the steel embed in place. The idea is very simple, but absolutely essential when it comes to construction. When it comes to fabricating the steel embed, our team will factor in:

  • The weight and size of the load on the embed
  • The strength of the concrete resting on the load
  • The embed design and shape
  • Building materials


How a Steel Embed is Created

Understanding Your Needs: The very first step of the process is to discover your specific project needs. This includes knowing the dimensions, size, and shape of the steel embed. 

Building the Plate: A large sheet of heavy steel is loaded onto a cutting table. A plasma machine is used to precisely cut out the number, shape, and size of your embed plates. 

Welding the Lugs: A stud welding gun is used to produce consistent and strong welds of the steel lugs to the plate. Once cooled, this creates an incredibly strong hold. 

Evaluating the Finished Product: We make sure our steel embeds are produced by the book and match both our specifications and your own. 

Shipping the Steel Embeds: After all the embed plates are created, we will stack them onto a palette and ship them to your construction site. 

Working Closely With You to Meet and Exceed Needs

We customize each steel embed to meet your needs and the scope of your project. Our team of seasoned steel engineers embodies the phrase, “get it done the first time.” This is reflected in the decades of industry experience we put into every project to ensure that our choices result in products that surpass your expectations. We believe in close communication throughout every step of the process. This allows us to remain on track when it comes to budget, timelines, and any changes that may occur. 

Other Services

Not only do we provide steel embedding services, but we also provide pipe welding services, column and beam erecting services, and even commercial stairs, landings, and mezzanine. At Steel Beams and columns we pride ourselves with having high-quality material that is sturdy enough for your building needs. Our professionals will work with you to determine the perfect materials you will need for your projects and provide you with all the information you will need prior to beginning work. We make sure to connect with the client after our work is completed to ensure full customer satisfaction. We fabricate our own metal material so you can rest assured that your project will be completed using high-quality building materials. 

Our Commitments to You

While we provide a unique, hands-on process, our commitment to quality construction and full-spectrum customer service will never change. Each project is a collaborative process from the very beginning and we will stay in close communication with you throughout the entire project. 

For us, steel is a passion, and being able to work with it to help you satisfy your needs is what we desire most. If you are looking for the strongest and most effective building material, you’ll understand why so many clients choose Steel Beams and Columns for their building needs. The durability of steel is proof of you being willing to commit to a project and we want to help with that.

Our professional team is trained to be communicative throughout the entire process of your project. We make sure that our team is trained and collaborate with you to make sure that we meet and exceed your project needs. Our team of professionals will always make sure that they complete the project correctly.

Ready to Get Started on Your Next Project?

When choosing Steel Beam Columns for your building needs, you will find that all of our projects are completed on time and are top quality. If you require custom structural steel beams and columns in Florida, contact our team of steel experts at 305-504-9892 or use our contact page to receive a free quote. 


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