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Commercial Stairs, Landings and Mezzanines

Your business is constantly growing and expanding, which may mean that you are running low on space. If this is the case, consider relocating to a two-story building. There are many different possibilities in store for you and your business when you are located in a two-story building, including the potential to turn one story into a showroom. Not only is this decision logical for increasing more space for your business, but it also adds a special aesthetic appeal as well.

From the second story up, if you need additional space, storage, or a grand level for display we’re ready to design, fabricate and install your next landing, mezzanine, commercial stairs, and railings. As the old saying goes, the bigger the better! As commercial structural steel specialists, our team consists of some of the best experts on the market, finding the most stable and safe solution without sacrificing space.  

The first step in installing a new structure in your two-story building is deciding what structure is the best for you. Steel Beams Columns’ team of experts is here to help simplify this complicated and confusing process. We can help determine what is the best course of action for your project and customize your structure to your exact needs.

To get you started on what the team at Steel Beams Columns can do for your business, here are the types of commercial installations we offer for your business:

  • Custom Steel Staircases
  • Custom Landings
  • Custom Mezzanines



Commercial Custom Steel Staircases

At Steel Beams Columns, we provide you with the best fit of custom steel staircases needed for your space. It’s hard fitting everything on one floor, that’s why we’ve supplied you with commercial stairs services. Our team members work hard on making stable and useful products for our customers. Whether you desire new stairs for the outside or inside of your building, we’ve got you covered. If you’re in need of commercial stairs, we can provide you with the best installation services.

Our team will work with you to find the best way to maximize your space while making things look aesthetically pleasing. We can create the perfect commercial stairs designs for your designated area and work with you on creating the right look for your commercial area. Our custom steel staircases safely get you up and where you need to go. Let us assist you with your custom steel staircases today!

The Stair Installation Process

Installing a new staircase is a very difficult process for any regular business owner with no carpentry experience to undergo. That is why the experts here at Steel Beams Columns are here to help you get the perfect staircase without getting your hands dirty. Here is the process we use to install one of our custom staircases:

  1. Designing the Staircase
    1. In order to begin work on installing your staircase, we need to determine where and how we design it. We create the best staircase for your business based on a number of different factors, such as the location of the structure and the overall structure of the building. During our process, the contractors here at Steel Beams Columns will work closely with you to determine the best materials and style for your commercial staircase.
  2. Preparing and Attaching Stair Stringers
    1. Stair stringers are especially important because they help secure the structure against the wall or ceiling. When they are not properly secured or inspected, the entire structure can collapse, spelling disaster for you and your company. Our contractors regularly and rigorously test our stair stringers in order to ensure that you are getting the sturdiest staircase possible. When we are absolutely positive  that these stringers are usable, we attach them to the structure using joist hangers 
  3. Installing Treads
    1. After we secure the stair stringers, we then move onto installing the stair treads and risers. These installations are particularly important because they help the staircase maintain a comfortable steepness. If your staircase is too low or too steep, it can not only be uncomfortable for you and your colleagues, but it could also end up resulting in structural damage in the long run. This is a bit of a tedious process, as this is a process that must be repeated until the top of the staircase is reached.

Installing a new staircase for your business can seem challenging, especially when one bad decision can result in both minor and severe damage. Thankfully, you have the expert contractors and builders at Steel Beams Columns at hand to help you get the staircase your business needs quickly and smoothly. 


Commercial Custom Landings

You may need some good-looking landings for your growing business or commercial area. That’s great because we offer splendid installation services to create landings for you. Our team works to the best ability possible to make sure your landings are pleasing to the eye while also being safe and efficient. We work hard to turn your design vision into reality and get it done on time, sometimes even earlier! If you’re looking for landings installation, possibly for extra storage space, we’ve got you covered. If you love us, we’ve got many other wonderful services for you.


Commercial Custom Mezzanines

What are mezzanines? You may have seen them a few times, or you’re in need of them, yet perhaps you don’t know their name. Mezzanines are great for businesses that need extra floor space. They act as a lofted second floor, open to the rest of the space below. They do not have walls surrounding them, but instead, they have railings. If you’re a growing business and you want to make use of all of your area, consider adding mezzanines. They are great when you can’t add extra rooms to your building, but have a bunch of above air space. Mezzanines use up that extra air space above you and create an excellent place to store anything you need. Here at Steel Beams Columns, we can help determine how to create the best mezzanine for your business using the best quality materials currently on the market.

There are a variety of different styles of mezzanines, including their color and how they are supported (what type of stairs and columns are used). This is one of the main reasons why many business owners are interested in mezzanines; the flexibility of customization is enticing. Mezzanines work great in many office spaces, garages, and storage spaces. At Steel Beams Columns, we can offer you top-quality installation services for mezzanines. We work hard to allow you to make the best use of your space, while also making things look good. Contact us if you’re interested in adding a mezzanine addition to your place today.


Interested in more than our custom steel staircases, landings, or mezzanines? We offer plenty of other services here at Steel Beams Columns. Check out many of the other services we offer on our services page, and give us a call! Our highly trained and skilled team of contractors will not hesitate in helping you make the best choice for your space. For further information on our commercial stairs, landings, and mezzanine services, contact us at (866) 25STEEL.



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