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It’s obvious we provide structural columns and beams. We also design, fabricate, erect and install joists, supports, decks, embeds, louvers and more. As custom fabricators we make and install machine parts, steel curtain wall frames, and interesting shaped plates and supports. We service all types of large commercial projects, and work with new buildings as well as reinforcing existing ones. Go ahead and browse our extensive range of structural steel services .

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At Steel Beams & Columns we provide you with the best possible structural steel beams you can get for your projects. This steel is made to last and will fit most of your needs no matter the situation. Why? Because steel is versatile, it is durable, and it is recyclable. Everyone who uses steel can not help but come back to it.

With a name like Steel Beams & Columns, you can expect that we know a fair bit about structural steel fabrication! Straight, pitched, curved, and rolled, at SBC, we are mad about steel beams! This admiration may seem strange, but it is our secret to fabricating structural steel beams and columns in Florida that satisfy the highest professional standards. From steel plate girders to web openings, our team uses decades of collective experience to expertly design and install the correct structural steel beam and column solutions. When you have the wrong beams, you run the risk of increased substructure costs, less floor space, and increased times in erecting columns.

It is important to know that columns and beams work together as your building’s skeleton, and any oversight during their construction could result in major structural concerns. In order to ensure a completely sound building design, our steel engineers work closely with you to assess your building’s potential stress and structural concerns. Then we decide if your structure needs more strength, rigidity, flexibility… or simply more steel columns! Whether you are adding on extra stories, replacing cracked concrete, or moving heavy chattels to higher levels, talk to us first about how to maximize the integrity and lifespan of your new or existing building. We work hard fabricating structural steel beams and columns that satisfy the highest industry standards, while going above and beyond to service our clients’ exact specifications.




Steel columns and beams are overall known for being sustainable, affordable, and durable. Steel is easily customizable, as it can easily be made into any shape. For this reason, we consider structural steel beams and columns to be extremely versatile. As steel has the capacity to be formed into any intents or purposes needed, steel’s adaptability is a piece of what is making it such an alluring choice for both residential and commercial constructions.

Have you ever wondered why skyscrapers are built the way they are? What it is about them that allows these giant creations to come to life? It’s the versatility of steel that makes it a possibility. When steel is added to a project it gives this sense that anything is possible. Buildings that can touch skies? Absolutely a possibility thanks to the work of steel.

Cost Effective

The overall building process for erecting steel columns and beams is faster as well. Due to faster construction time, it also means that you save money from paying less for labor costs from said decreased construction time. Building with structural steel beams and columns also saves money via first time and lifetime savings. As steel is so durable, it also requires little maintenance and is a more economical choice for builders. You most likely won’t have to worry about any maintenance fees if you use steel.

Thanks to it being so cost effective, steel is a favorite among everyone in construction due to what it is capable of at the cost. Steel is part of everyone’s everyday life from roads to their kitchen equipment. It’s become so ingrained that it would be weird to see a project where steel wasn’t involved.

Weather Effective

Steel structures are highly resistant to high winds, heavy snowfall, fire, and seismic activities. They also have a high resistance to decaying, therefore insurance companies offer low premiums when it comes to buildings built with steel columns and beams. Steel buildings also are able to hold up for a very long time.

In Florida, hurricanes and thunderstorms are a regular part of life. As a result, everything must be built to handle a potential storm and steel plays a big part in getting everything up to code. Steel’s ability to handle this kind of weather is why it’s a consistent choice in the Florida area when it comes to structuring. If you need to protect your assets, trust Steel Beams and Columns to give you whatever you need to keep your business safe. 

Green Steel

In addition, steel is recyclable. As opposed to paying landfill charges for non-recyclable development squander, your organization will have the option to reuse steel and metal structure segments. Because of open enthusiasm for diminishing pointless development squander, most waste evacuation organizations have sponsored programs enabling them to get your steel and metal structure squander at no expense to you.

This is what makes steel one of the most green construction choices out there. Thanks to how so much of it is re-used and re-purposed it helps prevent pollution and avoids waste. This saves you cost and also makes it an option to advertise to companies that want to be more green focused. As a result, steel is perfect for this.

Steel is Evolving 

Steel is an industry that is constantly changing and evolving with the current times. As humanity has created more steel we have learned more about it and become more efficient in creating it. Less energy is necessary to create steel and there is far less waste than there was even 10 years ago.

Steel made today is more dent resistant, it’s stronger, and there are new kinds being made. In the last 10 years, enough new kinds of steel have been made to where over half the steel in a car now didn’t even exist a decade ago.  The industry is evolving every day.




While we customize every service to meet the needs of each unique project, our commitment to quality construction and full-spectrum customer service remains the same. Each project is a collaborative process—we place the utmost emphasis on internal and external communication throughout every phase.

We love Steel and we want nothing more than to help you understand our absolute love for it. Our team will accomplish that by giving you the best possible product we can give. After you’ve finished working with us you’ll understand what it is that makes us so steel crazy.

When you use steel you’re not just committing to a project you’re committing to something that is going to stick around. The durability of erecting steel columns is proof of you being willing to commit to a project and we want to help with that.

If you require custom structural steel beams and columns in Florida, contact our team of steel experts at 305-504-9892 or use our contact page to receive a free quote. To learn more about our additional steel capabilities, visit our other service pages below. While we are experts in steel we are also experts in the process of making sure that steel is implemented properly and effectively. Ask us for details. 


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