In the world of steel we all know how common it is in everybody’s day to day life. We use steel machines, we have steel tools, and we go to work in steel buildings. Steel is as much a part of life as the air you breathe and the water you drink.

Why is steel such a popular choice however? What makes it so great? Well, it’s a very versatile metal that is used in all kinds of ways. Structural steel in particular is a favorite among construction users and for good reason. It’s one of the best steels out there. Here’s what makes structural steel so great.

Cost effective

Structural steel is an incredibly cost effective material when you consider what it does compared to other options, the general cost of using it, and how it all compares. While you may initially find that steel costs more than other materials that’s because of just how effective it is. Once you do the math on using steel as opposed to the work it would take to make those other materials just as effective you end up in a situation where structural steel is clearly the best choice in not only material but cost.

Great looking

Steel is just a nice looking material. When you are walking around in a metro city you rarely look around and think about the buildings being ugly. That is because steel is perfect for building designs. It can be formed to fit most desires and then once it has actually been installed it’s shiny and beautiful. Steel always leaves everyone who uses it satisfied with the final outcome. Go look at a steel building and you will immediately understand why.

It’s a green metal

To go along with being incredibly versatile, steel as a green metal is up there with aluminum in its uses. Steel is incredible because the majority of it is recycled back into the system to be used once again. Most modern steel mills today contain an average of 90 percent recycled material. When it’s time for an old building to be destroyed so a new one can be put up all the steel that is inside that building will be recycled, re-purposed, and put back into the machine that is the steel industry. This re-use of steel is great for not only the industry, but the environment as well.

It just works

It might sound simple, but sometimes simplicity is best, and in the case of steel that’s exactly why it’s a preferred choice among steel users. It just works better than the other options out there. Any project you can expect to find structural steel on site and you know it’s going to be effective and do its job well. It’s reliable and in the world of construction that is extremely important. You want something that is going to be reliable.

We love Steel at Steels, Beams, Columns and our love for it comes from steel being the best possible material you can use. These are only a few reasons why we love it, but we can tell you plenty more if you ask us.