Girders & Supports

Straight, pitched, curved or rolled, at Steel Beams Columns, we are mad about beams and our passion shows in our work! From plate girders to web openings, count on our experienced team of professionals to design and install the correct support system for your structure. From engineering, fabrication to installation, choosing the wrong professional team for your project could lead to problems in the construction process and your finished product. These can include increased substructural costs, delayed completion dates due to increased steel erection times, and less floor space once your design is finished.


Proper beams and columns play a key role in creating a safer load path to distribute weight around your structure and into the ground. Columns are built vertically and support the steel beams that run perpendicular to them horizontally. Together, they are used to support the weight of your structure’s floors, ceilings, and roofs so choosing  an experienced Professional Team to provide correct beams and columns for your needs are crucial. 


Our team of professionals engineers, fabricators & erectors will choose the right beams and columns to properly distribute weight, bear necessary large loads, and save on construction time & costs. Like every good project, Steel Beams Columns believes that you must start off with a solid foundation before design can begin. We believe we can be just that. Start your construction project off right by choosing Steel Beams Columns for your structural steel support needs. We specialize in design and build project we take you from concept through design, engineering, permitting, fabrication & installation, assisting you every step of the way, there is Steel Beams Columns.


For further information about our services in Florida, please contact our team at (866) 25STEEL for a free project quote. To learn more about other steel fabrication services, visit their pages below.