Steel Beams and Columns is a Steel Fabrication Company in Florida. Buildings and structures in Florida are subject to the harsh elements and frequent natural disasters of the area. When building a structure, you will want to make sure that your investment is protected. With the many choices available to you, it is easy to associate structural steel with large buildings and skyscrapers, and overlook it as an option for materials. Whether you are creating a structure that is fully composed of metal or working on a hybrid project, here are three reasons why working with a steel fabrication company in Florida is ideal for your local business.


Structural Steel Is Sustainable:

Unlike other resources like wood, structural steel is made in large part with recycled materials. For each wooden project, fresh trees will need to be chopped down and converted into lumber. Not only does this contribute to deforestation, but the process to create lumber is quite arduous and also taxing on the environment. With this process, it is unavoidable to create unnecessary construction waste. Structural Steel creates less waste on-site, and as a result, can often lead to savings. In addition to the savings you will enjoy, steel is also:

  • Non-toxic and 100% recyclable.
  • 70% of steel production comes from already recycled materials
  • The streamlined production process of steel have rapidly reduced energy use and CO2 emissions

Make your Florida business a green one with a Steel Fabrication Company in Florida!


Structural Steel is Durable:

Although surprisingly lightweight, steel is an extremely durable building material. Structural steel is tested and proven to be able to withstand high winds and harsh conditions. In Florida, this property is ideal. You will need to build with a material that is able to stand up to hurricanes and harsh weather. In addition, steel is non-flammable and naturally resistant to pests and decay. For these reasons, structural steel is surprisingly low maintenance requiring very little repairs and replacements within its lifespan. Steel Columns and Beams are a leading Steel Fabrication Company in Florida. Call us for more information!


Structural Steel is Extremely Versatile: 

Unlike any other building material, structural steel can be molded to fit virtually any shape. Whether you are looking for columns and beams, joists and decks, roofing, stairs, or more, steel is your solution. Its unique properties allow for it to be cut and formed to suit your needs. At Steel Beams Columns, we custom-tailor our structural steel fabrication services to meet the needs of each individual customer. We will work with you to create your vision, whatever it may be! Call now to learn more about our Steel Fabrication Company in Florida.